What we understand of ‘menswear,’ A-Z

You’d think it would be easy, as a womenswear writer, to shift gears and cover menswear once in a while. You’d think that. You’d be wrong. There’s a certain genre of men’s fashion writing on the Internet that is insular, obsessive and hilarious — approachable enough to stoke your interest […]

A history of Sadie Hawkins

Tis the season (or month: November) for Sadie Hawkins dances, those annual college and high school events that stipulate that the girls ask the guys to be their dates. I did some digging for Broadly to map its history — and uncertain future, because, y’know, rampant […]

Reporting live from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

In late October, I went to Moscow to report on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, a fairly new addition to a world’s worth of international fashion weeks. In some ways, it felt totally familiar to New York Fashion Week — the event space possessed the same club-meets-car-show-meets-industry-conference vibe that the shows […]

A history of women who hunt

While the topic is pretty rich with metaphorical possibilities, we’re dealing today with the long history of women who hunt game: for sport, for sustenance, and, sometimes, for feminism’s sake. Check it over at Vice’s female-focused channel, Broadly.

A history of homecoming

I wrote a history of homecoming for Broadly, Vice’s excellent new female-focused channel. Since I went to a dinky high school for artsy nerds (proto-hipsters) that didn’t have a football team or hold a homecoming dance, I don’t doubt that I learned more in researching this piece than […]

How do you become a model scout?

As far as modeling agencies go, IMG is a big damn deal. I interviewed Jeni Rose and David Cunningham, IMG’s head scouts, about how they got into the business of stopping young people on the street to ask if they want to model and how their methods have changed over the […]