Meeting the dressers that get models changed in 15 seconds or less — and all the other things I wrote during New York Fashion Week


Live from New York, it’s Fashion Week! I mostly do backstage reporting, which I consider to be way more fun than sitting front-of-house for the actual shows. Here’s what I wrote this time around on how the fashion sausage gets made.

1. The designer Misha Nonoo opted out of a typical runway show this season and instead held an “Insta-show,” which was essentially a lookbook that she released on Instagram. Here’s my behind-the-scenes look at her shoot.

2. Adam Selman’s spring 2016 collection is a Rookie reader’s fondest dream.

3. Hood by Air continues to have the best hair and makeup of fashion week. This season that meant unblended contouring, “Friends”-inspired zigzag parts, and manicures dressed up with bandages. Equal parts familiar, fun, and unsettling.

4. Backstage at Marc Jacobs, the models were dolled up like sweaty grunge princesses who had been out all night. I loved it.

5. What do modeling agents do during fashion week?

6. For nearly 20 years, beauty, haircare, and nail polish brands have been sponsoring runway shows during fashion week. This season, skincare brands made their way backstage in full force, having realized that there’s a lot to be gained by doing so.

7. Models often wear multiple looks in a single show, requiring them to change their outfits in about 15 seconds before hitting the runway again. Meet the dressers whose sole task is to make sure that happens.