Good taste is the enemy. And other reports from New York Fashion Week


Fashion week has come and gone, and with it, my best excuse for antisocial behavior. Here’s what I have to show for myself!

Fall runway beauty was all about looking more badass than you are.

The week’s most unwearable decisive makeup, in the artists’ own words.

Marc Jacobs presents six variations on Alice Cooper-inspired eye makeup.

An interview with Charlee Fraser, a lovely Australian model who let Alexander Wang’s team cut off all her hair.

Life’s short. Don’t waste it on good taste!

An interview with Alanna Arrington, a 17-year-old model in possession of what is empirically the best haircut of all time.

How to make your hair look charmingly disheveled.

An interview with model Elizabeth Davison, whose sister is often confused for her girlfriend.

Hot Topic is trending.