Welcome to my web page. I’m a senior reporter at Racked, where I write about clothing, business, and culture, or in other words, why we attach meaning and value to high waisted jeans with a slight flare that have been cropped above the ankle but not hemmed. (I’ll try to remember to update this page in six months, when the kicky-frayed denim trend is really dead.) Before Racked, I covered the fashion industry at Fashionista and the tech world at TechCrunch. Things that I’ve written include:

We Received $95,000 Worth of Free Stuff in Six Months

How to Sell a Billion Dollar Myth Like a French Girl

The Growing Business of Concealed Carry Accessories

In a Zara World, Who Orders Custom Clothing?

Why Does Every Lifestyle Startup Look the Same?

The Myth and Magic of California Style

You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and email.